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Why Do We Draw With Straight Lines?

In this free excerpt from my new Bargue Block-In video I explain why drawing with straight lines leads to more accurate results.

This is an excerpt of a new 52-minute video I made for my online Introduction to Classical Drawing course, in which I narrate every stroke of the process of blocking-in Bargue Plate 5. I continually update and add to this course to make the most crucial concepts for classical drawing as clear and accessible as possible for contemporary artists and art students. You can access the whole video by purchasing the course Intro to Classical Drawing, or signing up for an affordable membership for instant access to all my courses.

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Jan 22, 2022

Geez, never thought of myself as a hunter-gatherer painter...... ha ha. It is true and I have realized this tendency early on that I exaggerate curves and also height. It's the Napoleon complex. Thanks for the reminder to use straight lines and why it helps.

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