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Sadie and Nowell Valeri and students of Sadie Valeri Atelier in the studio
Sadie Valeri Atelier studio in San Francisco in 2019

About Sadie Valeri Atelier

Independent art school in San Francisco, California

In 2009 Sadie first began accepting private students at her San Francisco home studio.


Quickly realizing there was an overwhelming demand for quality, realistic art instruction, Sadie and her musician/filmmaker husband Nowell expanded her teaching studio into a larger space, started filming her demonstrations as downloadable videos, and incorporated the school as Sadie Valeri Atelier.  

"Atelier" is a French word for art studio,
where art students historically apprenticed.

In 2014 Sadie Valeri Atelier expanded again into a 3,500 square foot suite of studios, and offered in-studio classes to 150 students a week, taught by six instructors, all nationally-known Bay Area artists. In 2016 Sadie also began teaching her classical program online.


In addition to developing a strong Bay Area following, students came to study at the atelier from across the United States and from as far away as Europe, China and New Zealand.

Despite this success, the studio was unable to keep up with San Francisco's steadily increasing commercial rents, and in June 2019 the studio transitioned to online-only offerings. Sadie's entire drawing and painting curriculum is now available online with personal mentorship options for working through the program.


Students of Sadie Valeri Atelier consistently gave us rave reviews, which we are very proud to have earned.

"My dream was to build a community of like-minded artists. I am so proud, and so honored, that together we all did just that. My dream has been fully realized, and to a degree far greater than I ever dared hope for, thanks to all of you. I look forward to continuing to support one another as we all work towards our artistic dreams."
-Sadie Valeri
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