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Q. Where should I start?

We always recommend focusing on drawing before painting. The Intro to Classical Drawing course in the Online Atelier is accessible for beginners but also challenging enough for professional artists. Students who want to learn oil painting are encouraged to begin with Intro to Oil Painting.

Q. What is an "Atelier"?

Pronounced “ah-TEL-ee-yay”, the word atelier is a French term meaning workshop or artist’s studio. Today it has come to mean an independent art school teaching classical realism. Read More about Atelier Training

Q. How much does the program cost?
The Online Atelier is accessed with an affordable monthly membership, pricing is on the signup page. Our lessons are also available for individual purchase on the Download Videos page, or they can be shipped to you on USB Card.

Q. I’ve signed up to access the Online Atelier, how do I get started?
Click Log In in the menu to access all Sadie’s instructional videos, and then follow the instructions at the top.


Q: How do I upgrade to Weekly Feedback?
Online Atelier embers have the option to upgrade to Weekly Feedback to get constructive, detailed reviews of artwork as well as ongoing mentoring. Go to ONLINE LESSONS WEEKLY FEEDBACK to sign up.

Q. What can I post for Weekly Feedback?
Most students start at the beginning of the Drawing program and post their work starting from the first lesson. You can also post your personal artwork and any questions you have about the lessons or about Sadie's painting and drawing techniques.

Q. What kind of feedback is offered?
We offer detailed and constructive written critique, including suggestions for what to do next to continue to develop your skills, and personal mentoring to help you reach your artistic goals.

Q. How long does the Online Atelier program take to complete?
For students who can devote 10-20 hours per week, it takes about 2 years to work through all the drawing and painting lessons.

Q. Do I have to post every week?
No. You can set your own schedule and post your artwork for feedback whenever you like.

Q: I need help with a technical issue with the site or I have a question, who do I contact?
Please send an email to

Q: How do I pause or cancel my basic access subscription or my Weekly Feedback subscription?
Click the ACCOUNT tab. Then click on the link labeled Subscriptions at the top of the page to activate the Subscriptions Panel. Look to the right side of the Panel to find the words UPDATE PAUSE CANCEL and click the action.

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