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Q. I'm having trouble with a purchase or with logging in, Help!!
We are very responsive to messages (Contact us here) and we are available to resolve any issues quickly, so don't worry! Things you can check: If you ever purchased a course or membership in the past you will be prompted to log in. If you have problems logging in, check to be sure you are using the same email address you have used in the past. If you are having technical difficulties with the website, try using a different browser. If you can't find emails from us to help you update your password, check your spam folder. If none of that works, send us an email and rest assured we will get back to you promptly!

Q. What is an "Atelier"?

Pronounced “ah-TEL-ee-yay”, the word atelier is a French term meaning workshop or artist’s studio. Today it has come to mean an independent art school teaching classical realism. Read More about Atelier Training


Q. Where should I start?
For beginners, our first Classical Drawing course, or Intro to Oil Painting are accessible courses appropriate for all levels of experience.


Q. In what order should I take the courses?

We recommend working through the courses in this order:

1. Graphite Courses

2. Charcoal Courses

3. Still Life Painting Courses

4. Landscape or Portrait Painting Courses

Get help from our instructors with an affordable mentorship program.

Q. If I sign up for a mentorship program, what kind of artwork can I submit?
Our goal is for everyone to get the most they can out of classical art instruction, no matter their background or current skill level. Read through our mentorship programs to find which one works best for you.

Q. How long does it take to complete the whole program?
This depends a lot on your experience with formal art training, and how many hours a week you can spend practicing. For those who can devote 10-20 hours per week year-round, the drawing program alone can easily fuel two full years of weekly study, and the painting program is similar. Our online students usually continue their studies until whenever they feel ready to leave the program, not because they completed the program. Just like studying a musical instrument or a foreign language, attaining mastery is a life-long practice.

Q. I only paint with acrylic paint, can I learn from your oil painting courses?
The principles of light, color, and form which Sadie discusses in every painting course are applicable to any painting media. However, oil paint behaves very differently from acrylic and the technical aspects of things like applying the paint to the surface, drying time between layers, and the suggested palette, support, and other materials will not translate to acrylic. You could start by purchasing one of the least expensive painting courses and see what you can gain from the instruction before investing in the more expensive courses.

Q. As a mentorship program member, do I have to post every week?
No. You can set your own schedule and post your artwork for feedback whenever you like.

Q: When I purchase a course how long do I have to access it?

A: Lifetime streaming access comes with any course your purchase.

Q. Can I pause or cancel my membership?
Yes, it's very easy to self-administrate your membership subscription, but the full pay period fee, monthly or yearly, will be charged again immediately upon renewal. This means a yearly membership is a non-refundable, year-long commitment. You'll be notified by email 7 days in advance of your automatic renewal. For monthly memberships, we advise timing the pausing and renewing of your membership to coincide with the monthly billing cycle. To pause or cancel log in to your Account page.

Q. I purchased an online course or membership but I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
We are not able to offer refunds for virtual products, since full access to the course content is granted immediately upon payment. See our Refund Policy here.

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade to different membership levels?
Upgrade or downgrade your membership by following the instructions on the Account page.

Q: I purchased a course and I want to download the videos to watch them offline. Can I?

A: Yes, you can find a section under Account called My Downloads. From there you can download the video files for all purchased downloads. Downloads are only available with purchase, not membership. 

Q: I purchased a course on the previous version of the site (download only, not streaming). I'd like to stream my previous purchase- is this possible?

A: Yes, please put in a request to have your purchase transferred by filling out a transfer request form.

Q: I need help with a technical issue with the site or I have a question, who do I contact?
Please contact us here. You will get an auto-response confirming your message, but we check the account frequently and will reply to you very quickly.

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