Studio Lighting, Furniture, and Casts

Information about how we set up our studio with lighting, easels, and shadow boxes for still lifes and casts.

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Plaster casts of historic sculptures are only suitable for study if they are high quality and have a flat white finish. Beware of low-quality copies and be sure you are buying high quality direct casts of originals. These are the only two vendors we recommend:

Caproni Collection, Massachusetts, USA
Felice Calcii, Italy

Studio Lighting

Easels and Still Life Stands

For shadow boxes for still lifes and casts we use IKEA media shelves:

Tall Besta Frame in Black/Brown

IKEA Article Number: 902.459.46

Short Besta Frame in Black/Brown

IKEA Article Number: 402.459.44

Shelves for both (sold separately)
IKEA Article Number:  402.955.28

Lights for Still Life and Cast Setups

We use photographer's backdrop drape and matte black cinefoil to control the light

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All artwork by Sadie Valeri unless noted otherwise.

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