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Studio Setup: Lighting, Easels, Furniture, and Casts


LED bank lights with adjustable color temperature settings can be used to supplement or imitate north light from a window. Sadie uses these in her home studio:

GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP Control, Bi-Color Variable 2300K~6800K

For lighting a still life or cast with a lamp, we recommend an LED gooseneck clamp light with the ability to adjust color temperature, there are many kinds online.

These are additional tools that are useful for still life and cast setups:



These tall black shelves from IKEA work well for setting up a still life or cast:

Tall Besta Frame in Black/Brown

IKEA Article Number: 902.459.46

Shelves (sold separately)
IKEA Article Number:  402.955.28

A laptop tripod stand makes an excellent, lightweight side table/tabouret for holding brushes, paint tubes, solvent cups:

Laptop Tripod Stand



Sadie uses a Sienna panel holder on a tripod for her studio easel. Larger work might require a larger easel. We recommend a sturdy H-Frame or a lightweight single-mast style:


Plaster Casts

Plaster casts of historic sculptures are only suitable for study if they are high quality and have a flat white finish. Beware of low-quality copies and be sure you are buying high quality direct casts of originals. These are the only vendors we recommend:

Caproni Collection, Massachusetts, USA

Felice Calcii, Italy

Nicholas Wood, United Kingdom

If you are taking our cast drawing course with instructor feedback, please purchase one of these exact versions of Michelangelo's features. Beware of the many inferior versions of these casts:

Nose, Eye, Mouth, Ear

See Sadie's blog post: Cast Drawing at Home: How to Purchase, Set up and Light a Beginner Cast in your Home Studio

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