I have been attending classes and workshops at Sadie Valeri Atelier for almost 5 years and can honestly say that I feel I found a gold mine. The skill and expertise of Sadie and her fellow instructors is as good as you are going to get in the San Francisco Bay area. They are all fine artists in their own right but also have the ability to impart their knowledge in a methodical way that allows for their students to truly learn to draw and paint in the tradition of the old masters. Lastly, you feel supported in a challenging and often frustrating process the ultimately leads you to a feeling of satisfaction that you can express on paper or canvas what you see and feel.

--Kathleen M.

I came to Sadie Valeri Atelier hoping to learn classical techniques that I could apply to my own work.  I had dabbled in classes over the years with moderate results and was looking for something with solid technique that was more comprehensive and that bridged the gap between drawing and painting that I never completely understood.  What I found was so much greater than I could have ever imagined!....

The curriculum is focused and rigorous and it will train you to really see and understand conceptually how to accurately paint and draw.  The truth is, even if you're aiming to paint like an abstract expressionist, this training is immensely helpful and important.

-- Monique D.

I've been studying with Sadie for the last 4 months and I've learned more during my first month than during the whole previous year at different other art classes. 

--Ana F.


An artist friend recommended Sadie's studio to me as a place to study traditional realism art in 2013. Since then I've been taking classes here for over two years; studying with a group of like minded and simply great people. I am happy with the improvements I have made. 
The studio offers resources to students, such as an art book library, demo videos and opportunities to take workshops from other well known artists. And we get to show our works at student shows. 

--Jane T.

I have studied with a number of different artists, and Sadie is by far the most effective I have personally been exposed to.  Besides being an amazing artist, she is well-versed in the subtleties of teaching and the cultivation of understanding.  My artistic abilities expanded significantly from her classes and I recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch education in classical realism.

--Todd A.

Sadie and all of her teachers actually TEACH how to draw and paint.  This is not your have fun and express yourself art school.... Work hard and you will be rewarded. My weak skill set has grown by leaps and bounds in 9 months of study.  Best art experience in my life.
--Susan B.

I have taken workshops all over the world to buff up my skills, but I have never experience the Aha! moments with another teacher the way I have done in Sadie's classes. Sadie is not only exquisitely talented, but able to teach to every level in a way that creates confidence and excitement.
--Audie B.

Sadie has created a professional atmosphere for drawing from models, plaster casts and still-life. Her atelier has great light, comfortable furniture, great books and music. She has thought of every detail to insure a positive experience and improved skills at the end of her courses and workshops.

--Debra S.

Sadie's instruction is impeccable. There are no Secrets. Only solid techniques of the masters, clearly communicated by this warm and giving teacher. 
--Eileen N.


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