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Instant access to Sadie's complete atelier program including every drawing and painting course listed on the COURSES page, plus exclusive bonus content.

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Post your work to the member forum for personal written feedback from our atelier instructors once per week.


Two months minimum to start

Basic Access

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Message our atelier instructors for private feedback on your submitted artwork twice per week.


Two months minimum to start

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Our teaching style is positive and encouraging as we give detailed constructive feedback designed to challenge but not overwhelm. We are committed to helping our members reach their highest artistic goals through personal mentoring. 

Flexible  Schedule

Students work at their own pace and on their own schedule. There is no requirement to upload work every week.

Memberships can be paused and re-started with an easy click on the Account page. 


Every lesson is presented as text, video, diagrams, and finished examples to make the instructions accessible to every learning style.

Length of Study

Students and artists of all levels see dramatic improvement within the first two months of study due to the rigorous and precise nature of this classical program.


For those who can devote 10-20 hours per week year-round, this is a 2-year atelier program. The drawing courses can be completed in about a year, and the painting courses an additional year. Many of our students continue their enrollment for ongoing development and mentorship.


Sequence of Study

As a classical atelier we believe the best way develop realistic painting ability is through the same method of study that produced the greatest representational painters of art history: The study of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, known today as cast drawing.


We encourage all our students to start with Intro to Classical Drawing, which prepares students of all levels for starting their first Bargue plate and cast drawing.

Members who can devote at least two to six months exclusively to the drawing courses find that when they return to painting their painting abilities have advanced significantly, far more so than if they had devoted that time to painting alone.


For those new to art classes, classical drawing is an excellent foundation for embarking on a lifelong study of art.


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