Teaching Classical Drawing Online

One of the main tenets of traditional classical drawing training is to work only from life or master works (never photos), and to spend significant time on each drawing. Unlike today, when art students usually start right away drawing and painting from the live model, art students of the past worked on cast drawing for a year or two before working from a live model.

It can take 20-50 hours to complete a Bargue plate copy, and 40-80 hours to complete a beginner cast drawing. Such slow, detailed artworks like these are not suitable for demonstrating with a single video. So the way I teach Classical Bargue Plates and Cast Drawing is through a series of incremental videos lessons teaching line, shape, proportion, value, and graphite shading techniques in short, manageable lessons.

This series of video lessons comprises my "Intro to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plates" video bundle.

It usually takes students several weeks or months to work through the Intro lessons and complete their first fully shaded Bargue plate. They then spend several more weeks or months to complete their first cast drawing.

To study cast drawing with me online, my online student purchases an affordable beginner cast, one of the Features of Michelangelo's David (available through American and European sellers). I then guide the student through setting up the cast with an appropriate light source. The student then works through the steps for creating a classical drawing which they have learned through copying Bargue plates. They submit their progress weekly, and through detailed feedback they are able to execute a successful classical cast drawing at home.

Generally students work 10-20 hours per week on their drawings, and we have all levels of students, from absolute beginners to professional artists who want to experience the benefits of classical training.

Cast Drawing by Online Atelier Instructor Derek Spieker

Cast Drawing by Online Atelier Instructor Ian Hurtado Zafra

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