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Recent Drawings

I have recently been working on a series of drawings with charcoal or pastel and white chalk on toned paper:

Most of these are drawn with Pitt pastel pencils and General's white chalk pencil. The paper is Strathmore Artagain or Canson Ingres in gray tones.

Both of these horse drawings are done from my cast of Isodore Bonheur's écorché horse sculpture.

The above drawing on the left is done from a cast of the Venus de Milo, and the drawing on the right is from a live model. These drawings and several other drawings, plus some small oil painting works will be part of my annual studio sale starting soon. To be notified when the sale starts please join my mailing list.

I teach drawing and painting online. I am currently running a promotion for 20% off plus a free month on yearly memberships to my online atelier program. Use code sadiesummer22 to sign up for a Yearly Membership only.

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