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How I Created my "Horse and Mantle" Oil Painting Step-by-Step

Many years ago I created a cast drawing of this écorché horse sculpture by Isidore Bonheur (brother of animal painter Rosa Bonheur), and I've always wanted to include it in a painting. I imagined a composition of the horse striding forward with a billowing mantle of fog and wind. I enjoy the tension between crumpled wax paper sculpted and suspended to describe dramatic movement, contrasting with my collection of glass jars, silver cups and seashells. The horse strides but forever holds still on its pedestal.

Horse and Mantle 20 x 16 inches Oil on linen panel Arched frame Available: Inquire for details at

Here is a little video I made showing all the stages of creating this painting, starting with a preparatory drawing and an open grisaille underpainting, then a lead white underpainting layer, then glazing color, and finally painting with opaque color and adding finishing details.

Members of my Online Atelier have access to my new course that shares each step of the process in detail. This course is not available for individual purchase, but you can access the Horse and Mantle Course by becoming a Member.

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