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Sadie's Online Atelier members to get immediate streaming access to all her videos and lessons with an affordable monthly subscription. 

Once registered, members have the option to upgrade to Weekly Feedback for personal critiques and guidance.

Organized, Flexible, Accessible

Sadie's online lessons are presented in a crystal-clear, step-by-step order so you can follow her exact atelier curriculum, or choose to jump ahead to any area of study you want to focus on.​ Every step is presented as text, video, diagrams, and examples to make the instructions accessible to every learning style.

Classical Drawing

Historic European art training was developed through a 400-year lineage of master artist teachers, from Michelangelo through Gérôme.

Bargue Plates
Beginning art students historically copied master drawings, and Bargue's lithographic plates were commissioned in the 19th century to create a standard course for every art student. Reprinted in the early 2000's, the Bargue Drawing Course is again the basis for classical atelier programs today.

Cast Drawing

Art students from the Renaissance through the 19th century made drawings from plaster casts of ancient sculptures, and through this practice mastered proportion (shape) and values (light on form) to prepare for the challenges of drawing from the live model.

Figure Drawing

Applying the methods and procedures learned in the cast room, students who have completed their study of Bargue plates and casts are ready to draw the live model with confidence and accuracy.

Three Methods of Oil Painting

The only online art program that teaches all three major historical methods of oil painting:

Starts with a detailed drawing and under painting, followed by several layers of full-color painting, wet-over-dry, including glazing and scumbling for a highly refined level of detail.

Efficient method for creating a finished painting within a few days, in just two to three layers.

Alla Prima

This single-session, wet-in-wet method works best for quickly capturing fast-changing subjects with fresh brush strokes. ​​

Quick Immersion or Long-Term Study

Sadie has taught her atelier curriculum to hundreds of adult students in person every year for a decade, and through that experience she has built a program that every student can learn from, whether they want a quick introduction to the basics or are on a long-term journey towards artistic mastery.

Significant skill development can be expected within the first 2 months of study.

For those who can devote more time, Sadie's program takes two or more years to complete, when studying 10-20 hours per week.

Affordable Pricing

​Sadie believes quality art training should be affordable to anyone with the burning desire to learn. Her Online Atelier members get immediate access to Sadie's entire drawing and painting program for an affordable monthly membership of $36/month, with the option to upgrade for personal written Weekly Feedback for an additional $30/month.​

Bonus Videos

​​Members get free access to these additional videos not available for individual purchase:

Roses and Peonies 
Alla prima flower painting demonstration shows every brushstroke and palette mix, only lightly edited: 3 hours


4-Day Painting Workshop
Live footage of Sadie's workshop: Three Methods of oil Painting: 15+ hours

Purchase Videos for Download

Sadie's program is also available as individual videos to download or order on USB card. Go to our Videos page to preview and purchase individual lessons.

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