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​Membership and Mentorship Programs

Member Login/Account 

Current members please visit the Forums for instructions on how to upload your work.

Sadie Valeri Atelier offers the most affordable personal mentorship programs available online for classical art training, through written feedback in our private Forums.


All memberships include instant access to all of all our drawing and painting Courses.

Basic Access Without Feedback

Instant access to our complete pre-recorded online classical atelier program, including all our drawing and painting courses.


Monthly Plan
$39/month ($468/year)


 Yearly Plan

$429/year ($39 savings)



See more details below


Upload your coursework to our private forums and get written feedback from our instructors up to twice a week.


Access to all our courses is included.
Monthly Plan

$69/month ($828/year)



 Yearly Plan

$759/year ($69 savings)


See more details below


The full atelier experience: Work through all our courses in our recommended order with intensive twice-weekly written feedback.


Access to all our courses is included.

Monthly Plan

$209/month ($2,508/year)

 Yearly Plan

$2,299/year ($209 savings)


See more details below

Live Video Feedback

Members can book a one-on-one personal video
feedback session or join a scheduled group video session.

Personal Live Video Call
40 minutes: $100

 SALE: $80 

Group Live Video Call
undays, 12:00 - 12:55 USA Pacific Time
55 minutes: $35

 SALE: $25 


Live Video Feedback sessions are open to current members only:

Basic Access Without Feedback

Get instant access to every course and experience significant skill development from the very first lesson. Sadie's program of historic classical training is designed to lead you step-by-step towards mastery of drawing and painting, starting at any level. Choose to either start at the beginning and work through all the courses in order, or jump around and take only the courses you need to fill in the gaps in your previous art education. All our courses are pre-recorded so you can start any time and work through the lessons at your own pace. Basic members can upgrade to a Feedback plan at any time by logging in and selecting a new plan on this page.

Light Feedback Program​

Post your coursework in our private forums and get written feedback and answers to your questions from our instructors, up to twice a week. Our Light Feedback is one or two brief paragraphs for each submission, including encouragement, advice, and suggestions for how to improve. Unlike our more formal Atelier Feedback level, Light Feedback members can work through any of our drawing or painting courses, in any order.

"I often regretted not attending a fine arts program at university. This course fills in what I thought that I was missing. It is exactly what I have been looking for and I don't have to leave my home, and I can work at my own pace... My only regret is that I didn't come across this program sooner."

~ Feedback Member Brenda H.

Atelier Feedback Program

This membership level is limited to a small number of enrollees.

Atelier Feedback is currently full. To join the wait list, join Light Feedback and start posting your coursework. Active Light Feedback members are the first to be notified of open spots in Atelier Feedback.

The full atelier experience: Work through our courses in our recommended order starting with graphite drawing, and get intensive twice-weekly written feedback from Sadie and our instructors.

Members of this program follow a traditional atelier plan of study, starting with Classical Sketchbook for Beginners and Intro to Classical Drawing, then advancing to Bargue Plate Drawing with Graphite. Once a student has completed at least one fully shaded Bargue plate with graphite (usually a hand, foot, arm or leg plate) they then have the option to do a more advanced Bargue plate, a cast drawing, a charcoal course, or a still life painting course. Figure and portrait studies then follow. Our instructors help students decide what courses to do in what order.


Atelier Feedback members post their coursework to our private forum. Atelier Feedback consists of several paragraphs of detailed critique, encouragement, and advice, often including overlays and diagrams. Every step of every lesson usually requires at least two or three rounds of feedback before the student is approved to advance to the next step. The student only advances to the next step when the instructor feels that step has been mastered. In this way this is a true foundation course, with a focus on rigorous skill-building.

"I have grown so much! Both as an artist and as a person. Yes, my skills have improved greatly and I still sit back in wonder when I have completed a project and say to myself “I did that”!... Unexpectedly, the greatest gift has been the stillness that has come into my life. With this I see the world differently. May I say more intensely.  Life has become richer. I approach everything slower and with more awareness of all the beautiful nuances in each given moments. Life is more of a gift then it has ever been. ."

~ Feedback Member Marilyn A.

​Live Video Feedback Sessions  NEW 

We are thrilled to now offer live video calls with our instructors for feedback and help with your coursework. Book a personal one-on-one session for an in-depth review of your coursework and tailored advice about how to move forward, or join a scheduled group call where the instructor will give feedback on several submissions and answer your questions about the coursework. 

Personal calls are on Thursday and Sundays afternoons, USA Pacific Time
Group calls are on Sundays starting at 12:00 pm USA Pacific Time

Live video calls are only available to our current members. Join as a Basic Access member or any Feedback level member, then visit our Video Feedback Forum Page (Members' Only) to book or join a live video call.


~ How Our Mentorship Works ~

Members submit their work by posting to our private forums. Our instructors respond with detailed written feedback, including overlays as needed. Our teaching style is positive, precise, and encouraging. We are committed to helping our members reach their highest artistic goals through our personal mentoring. We believe in meeting each artist where they are at, and we always go above and beyond in offering detailed, specific, and constructive feedback at every stage of every project.

All our instructors have been personally trained by Sadie. They were selected to teach based on their high level of personal artistic achievements, their ability to clearly verbalize technique, and for their ability to teach with emotional intelligence.
Sadie supervises all instruction closely and also adds her comments. Sadie is available by email if a member has a question or concern they would like to discuss in confidence.

Flexible  Schedule
Feedback Members can post their coursework up to twice a week, any time before the upload deadlines on 
Monday and Thursday mornings. Instructor feedback is posted within 24 hours later. There is no requirement to upload work. Members work at their own pace and on their own schedule. 

Length of Study
For those who can devote 10-20 hours per week year-round, the drawing program takes about 2 years to complete, and the painting program is similar. Students and artists of all levels see dramatic improvement within the first two months of study due to the rigorous and precise nature of this classical program. Many students continue in our program for several years. 

Cancel Monthly Memberships Any Time
It's easy to self-administrate your membership from the Account page, and if you need help we are readily available. Please Note: Yearly memberships are a year-long, non-refundable commitment. Email notification of all recurring payments are sent seven days in advance. As artists ourselves we understand many artists are on a budget: We are a small artist-run business and our only agenda is to offer high quality historic-based art training as affordably as we possibly can. We do everything possible to be clear and fair about all our policies up front, and we are always responsive to communication.

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