Intro to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plates

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Advance your drawing skills to historic standards of excellence starting from any experience level.

Sadie's classical drawing curriculum brings 19th century French academic training methods to today's art students through a series of short lessons with significant skill development at every step.

Starting with graphite pencil shading techniques and advancing to Sadie's exclusive 4-step block-in method for drawing perfect proportions, students then create beautiful copies of master drawings working from the historic Bargue Drawing Course. (Hi-res Bargue plate images are included in the course.)

Artists who have completed Sadie's Intro to Classical Drawing course with a final Bargue Plate master copy are then prepared to create beautiful academic drawings of plaster casts and live models with confidence. Cast drawing, figure drawing, and oil painting lessons are also included in Sadie's Online Atelier. (Students are directed where to purchase affordable beginner plaster casts from online sources in both Europe and the United States)

The Intro to Classical Drawing course can take anywhere from 8 weeks to a year to complete, depending on the artists' experience level and how many hours per week they can devote. Even within just two months of study, Sadie's students emerge from the program with dramatic skill development immediately applicable to any drawing or painting style.

Lessons Included:

  • Pencil Sharpening

  • Beginning to Advanced Shading Techniques

  • Drawing Basic Shapes

  • Drawing Ellipses

  • Drawing the Value Sphere

  • Block-in with Bargue Plates

  • Block-in from Life (Sadie’s Exclusive Four-Step Process)

  • Bargue Plate Master Copy

  • Cast Drawing, Figure Drawing, and Painting lessons are also included in the Online Atelier.

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