The only classical realism art program online offering affordable weekly personal feedback. Beginning and experienced artists of all levels welcome.

Classical Drawing

Study Bargue Plates, Cast Drawing and Figure Drawing in Graphite and Charcoal, following a traditional skill-building academic atelier program.

Oil Painting
Learn the historical methods and materials for all three major painting methods:
Alla Prima (Modern Impressionist)
Direct (Italian Renaissance)
Indirect (Dutch Golden Age).

All Sadie's art videos are available as digital download, on USB card, or with monthly streaming access.

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About Sadie Valeri

Sadie Valeri is an internationally recognized classical oil painter based in San Francisco, California. Her paintings, evocative of the Dutch Golden Age of still life, have been exhibited across the United States and Europe.

Bio and Available Work


"I have taken workshops all over the world to buff up my skills, but I have never experience the Aha! moments with another teacher the way I have done in Sadie's classes. Sadie is not only exquisitely talented, but able to teach to every level in a way that creates confidence and excitement."

--Audie B.

"Sadie's instruction is impeccable. There are no Secrets. Only solid techniques of the masters, clearly communicated by this warm and giving teacher."

--Eileen N.

"I had dabbled in classes over the years with moderate results and was looking for something with solid technique that was more comprehensive... [Sadie's] curriculum is focused and rigorous and it will train you to really see and understand."

--Monique D.

"Sadie and all of her teachers actually TEACH how to draw and paint. This is not your have fun and express yourself art school.... Work hard and you will be rewarded. My skill set has grown by leaps and bounds in 9 months of study. Best art experience in my life."

--Susan B.

"I have studied with a number of different artists, and Sadie is by far the most effective I have personally been exposed to.... My artistic abilities expanded significantly from her classes and I recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch education in classical realism."

--Todd A.

Oil Painting

From colorful Impressionist styles, to detailed Dutch Master techniques, Sadie teaches every major painting method of the Old Masters.


Every student in 19th century Europe learned to draw beautifully, and so can you. Sadie makes historic training methods accessible to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Sadie Valeri Atelier is ARC Approved

The Art Renewal Center is the foremost and only vetting service for realist art schools, ensuring that the teaching curricula and quality of teacher and student work meets their strict standards.

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