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Welcome to Sadie Valeri's

 Online Atelier for Drawing and Painting 


A rigorous and comprehensive classical atelier program with affordable personal mentorship options.

Beginners and artists of all experience levels are welcome!

Learn the historic academic techniques of the Old Masters: Portrait, figure, landscape, and still life, in graphite, charcoal, and oil paint.


Purchase individual courses or become a member for immediate access to all our courses. Join one of our mentorship programs for personal instruction and coaching.

"I greatly appreciate being able to augment my skills and explore classical drawing and glazing techniques without having to put my painting career on hold and go back to art school again. I wouldn’t be able to have instruction of this high quality and depth if it weren’t offered in this self-paced, online format."


Sadie Valeri Atelier is an ARC Approved Atelier

Sadie Valeri Atelier is an ARC Approved Atelier
Drawing Courses

Classical Drawing with Graphite

Our drawing program starts with an introduction to 19th century classical French academic drawing, which prepares students for Bargue Plate Drawing and Cast Drawing. Advanced graphite pencil shading techniques and historic training exercises lead to significant leaps in drawing ability.

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"This has been the class I've been looking for since rekindling my love and desire to draw and paint again some years ago. A method of progressive learning to see and to understand what I'm looking at and a means to break the subject into manageable steps and pieces a little at a time."


Classical Drawing with Charcoal

Sadie shares timeless principles for capturing proportion and light in her clear, descriptive teaching style. Techniques for creating strong, light-filled charcoal drawings of subjects like drapery, casts, and the human figure can be applied to any subject.


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"Sadie is a wonderful and joyful teacher. I had been struggling trying to understand cast drawing on my own but her video gave me several 'aha' moments."

Painting Courses

Alla Prima Oil Painting 

This single-session, wet-in-wet method works best for quickly capturing fast-changing subjects like flowers and landscapes with fresh brush strokes.

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"The videos are filled with gems and information like no other course I watched."

Sadie Valeri Online Alla Prima Flower Painting Class

Direct Oil Painting

An efficient method for creating a finished painting with a few layers, starting with an under painting and completed with a couple color layers.

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“Amazing instructional videos, clear, concise, and to the point. I’ve learnt more from these videos than 4 years of university instruction.”

Sadie Valeri painting of seashell glazing and scumbling oil paint

Indirect Oil Painting

The most time-consuming and technical of the three methods, Indirect oil painting starts with a detailed graphite line drawing and gray-scale under painting, followed by several layers of full-color painting, including glazing and scumbling for a highly refined finish.

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"Sadie's philosophy, coupled with her passion, shine forth in all of her teachings. But more than that, her pedagogy is sound: I have been finding her content to be constructive, positive, encouraging... and presented in a way that the student can actually incorporate into their art practice."

Sadie Valeri Atelier Online Oil Painting Class Indirect Method Still Life

Mentorship Programs

Sadie Valeri Atelier offers the most affordable personal mentorship programs available online for classical art training. All our mentorship programs include instant access to all of all our drawing and painting courses, plus bonus courses and access to the community forums.

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Sadie Valeri Atelier Online Affordable Mentorship Progams

Help and F.A.Q.

Where should I start?

Intro to Classical Drawing and Intro to Oil Painting are accessible courses for beginners and valuable in-depth reviews of the fundamentals for all levels of experience. Get help and guidance from our instructors with an affordable mentorship program.

See FAQ and Help page

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