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Welcome to Sadie Valeri's

 Online Atelier for Drawing and Painting 


A complete program of pre-recorded classical art courses and affordable personal instruction options.
Work at your own pace: Start, pause, and replay at any time

Beginners welcome!
Our Classical Sketchbook for Beginners course is included FREE with the purchase of any other course.

Classical Drawing

Sadie Valeri's drawing program brings historic European art instruction into the hands of today's artists through beautifully-produced, step-by-step lessons designed to increase dexterity and sensitivity.

Our program starts with Classical Sketchbook for Beginners and Introduction to Classical Drawing, which prepare students for Bargue Plate Drawing, Cast Drawing, Drapery Drawing, and Figure Drawing.


Classical Oil Painting 

Through her mastery of historic painting techniques and her natural, clear teaching style, Sadie Valeri demonstrates how to paint Florals, Still Life, Portrait and Landscape in her information-packed painting courses.


Learn how to paint all three major methods of oil painting: Alla Prima, Direct, and Indirect, including advanced Glazing and Scumbling techniques for creating transparency and texture.​

Sadie Valeri painting of seashell glazing and scumbling oil paint

Affordable Instruction

High-quality art instruction is out of reach for many, and classical art training was simply unavailable for many decades. Due to these barriers, Sadie Valeri is committed to making classical art instruction accessible and affordable to all. 

Sadie Valeri Atelier Online Affordable Mentorship Progams

About Sadie Valeri

Classical artist Sadie Valeri gained her reputation as a leading instructor of historic painting and drawing techniques since opening her highly respected atelier art school for adults in San Francisco in 2009. She has been teaching online since 2016.

sadie-valeri_self portrait-at-41-web-ready.jpg

Help, F.A.Q. and Contact

Where should I start?

Classical Sketchbook for Beginners and Intro to Oil Painting are accessible courses for beginners and valuable in-depth reviews of the fundamentals for all levels of experience. Get help and guidance from our instructors with an affordable mentorship program.

Recent Testimonials

"[The videos are] superb. A cut above anything else I have used online. The teaching is clear and concise with reasons given as to why a technique is used. I also love the way Sadie goes beyond mere technical skill pointing out that painting is much more than being skilled, it's about the 'feeling'. A truly excellent teacher and artist."


"I knew there must be something to learn to make my drawings and paintings better. Now I have found it. Within just a few days have learned more than in art school or from many many online courses."

"I’m loving this course. It’s exceeding all my expectations and at last I’ve found what I was looking for." 

"The videos are filled with gems and information like no other course I watched."

"As a largely self taught but passionate artist you have advanced my oil painting to a level I could not have achieved without you."

"Sadie's voice/delivery keeps me interested in listening; and the educational content is of the highest quality."

"The way Sadie speaks and approaches her teaching, expressing her thoughts, feelings and techniques is brilliant. Sadie’s passion, love , gift and the sound of her gentle voice for sharing her artistic experience and journey really enabled my learning and experiential artistic appreciation."

"Excellent presentation from an artist instructor with a deep well of knowledge, experience and teaching skills. I appreciate the in depth analysis of tools and technique and look forward to applying them. A+"

"This has been the program I've been looking for since rekindling my love and desire to draw and paint again some years ago. A method of progressive learning to see and to understand what I'm looking at and a means to break the subject into manageable steps and pieces a little at a time."

“Amazing instructional videos, clear, concise, and to the point. I’ve learnt more from these videos than 4 years of university instruction.”

"The [instructors] are fantastic, they give intelligent and well observed feedback, exactly what is needed for growth as an artist.... I cannot recommend highly enough taking drawing and painting from this atelier. It is a fabulous experience and the price is really really reasonable. I have actually done something, in taking drawing, that I am proud of and will last my lifetime!"

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