Sadie Valeri's online art classes and videos offer the only complete classical realism atelier program online to include all three major historical methods of oil painting:
Three Methods of Oil Painting:

 Indirect, Direct, and Alla Prima
Oil Painting


Classical Drawing:
Cast Drawing

Bargue Plates

Figure Drawing

with Graphite

and Charcoal


While teaching adult art students for ten years at her San Francisco atelier, Sadie created a library of meticulous step-by-step video lessons for every part of her program with the help of her professional filmmaker husband, Nowell.


Sadie's video lessons are available for download, streaming, or on USB card, making traditional art training accessible and affordable to everyone.


"I have taken workshops all over the world to buff up my skills, but I have never experience the Aha! moments with another teacher the way I have done in Sadie's classes. Sadie is not only exquisitely talented, but able to teach to every level in a way that creates confidence and excitement."

--Audie B.

"Sadie's instruction is impeccable. There are no Secrets. Only solid techniques of the masters, clearly communicated by this warm and giving teacher."

--Eileen N.

"I had dabbled in classes over the years with moderate results and was looking for something with solid technique that was more comprehensive... [Sadie's] curriculum is focused and rigorous and it will train you to really see and understand."

--Monique D.

"Sadie and all of her teachers actually TEACH how to draw and paint. This is not your have fun and express yourself art school.... Work hard and you will be rewarded. My skill set has grown by leaps and bounds in 9 months of study. Best art experience in my life."

--Susan B.

"I have studied with a number of different artists, and Sadie is by far the most effective I have personally been exposed to.... My artistic abilities expanded significantly from her classes and I recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch education in classical realism."

--Todd A.


Sadie's lessons teach far more about painting and drawing from life than is taught in most full-time art schools, and at a fraction of the cost. Start with the VIDEOS page to get an overview of all the lessons:

Oil Painting

From colorful Impressionist styles, to detailed Dutch Master techniques, Sadie teaches every major painting method of the Old Masters.


Every student in 19th century Europe learned to draw beautifully, and so can you. Sadie makes historic training methods accessible to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Online Lessons

Sign up for Online Lessons to get immediate streaming access to all Sadie's videos and lessons with an affordable monthly subscription. 

Once registered, members have the option to upgrade to Weekly Feedback for personal critiques and guidance.


There are no "secret tricks" that lead to overnight mastery. But there are reliable, time-tested training methods that have worked for 500 years, and will work for anyone with the deep desire to learn.


Many artists take classes for a time and see improvement, but then plateau. They are left feeling frustrated or secretly wondering if they "lack talent," a fearful state that leads to rigid attachment to formulas, or leads an artist to give up completely.


Through her own personal development, and through teaching hundreds of students a year in person for a decade, Sadie has adapted historic training exercises to help artists process and move beyond this fearful state. Sadie's students learn to trust their innate sense of what is true: True shape, true value, true color, and ultimately, true artistic expression.

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