Sadie Valeri Atelier presents clear, practical art instruction videos to help artists and art students of all levels build their observational drawing and painting skills.

"These extraordinary videos have answered questions I didn't even know that I had.

The conversational style of delivery, along with the close-ups of the actual painting being done, and sound principles of painting practice,  has taught me more in the last few hours of watching than I can believe."
-Diane, recent video download customer

Sadie Valeri Atelier Presents

Guest Video: Portrait Drawing

with Jacob Hankinson

NEW Jacob Hankinson has attracted throngs of captivated admirers and students with his seemingly-effortless execution of portrait drawings in charcoal, and we are thrilled to offer his first portrait drawing video.

Guest Video: Figure Drawing

with Jacob Hankinson

NEW Jacob Hankinson's first Figure Drawing video is being released due to popular demand from his devoted following of artists and art students.

Guest Video: Portrait Painting

with Emilio Villalba

NEW Emilio's reputation as a painter of stunning portraits has skyrocketed and we are thrilled to offer his first instructional video...

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Sadie's is the only online art program to offer a complete classical drawing education, and the only program to teach indirect oil painting technique as well as direct and alla prima methods.


Significant development can be expected within the first 2 months of access. For those who can devote more time, there is enough content to fuel two or more years of study, practicing 10-20 hours per week.

Introduction to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plates

with Sadie Valeri

Sadie has designed her Classical Drawing curriculum to bring the power of 19th century classical training methods to today's artists...

Cast Drawing in Charcoal and White Chalk

with Sadie Valeri

Follow along step-by-step with Sadie's detailed demonstration and voice-over instruction to learn how to create a strong, beautiful cast drawing...

Drawing Drapery with Chalk and Charcoal

with Sadie Valeri

Sadie demonstrates how she builds up values to show light and shadow on a white draped sheet...

Classical Figure Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal

with Sadie Valeri

Sadie reveals everything she knows about figure drawing in this comprehensive demonstration of classical methods...

Alla Prima Oil Painting: Painting Peonies

with Sadie Valeri

Sadie shares every step for how she creates a one-day painting of a beautiful arrangement of pink peonies and white roses.

Alla Prima Oil Painting: Painting Roses

with Sadie Valeri

Watch Sadie Valeri paint a bouquet of white and peach roses with high-definition close-ups of her color mixing and brushstrokes...

Direct Oil Painting: Common Errors

with Sadie Valeri

Two paintings of the same subject: One demonstrating how Sadie paints a realistic direct oil painting, and the other demonstrating the most common errors she sees beginning students make in their paintings.

Oil Painting: Exercises for Mastering Value and Color

with Sadie Valeri

Sadie's oil painting exercises show students of all levels how to use value and color to paint 3-dimensional form...

Indirect Oil Painting: Still Life

with Sadie Valeri

In this 3-hour video Sadie Valeri demonstrates her method for creating a layered, indirect oil painting, working in the tradition of the Dutch Masters of still life...

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Roses and Peonies Alla Prima flower painting demonstration: shows every brushstroke and palette mix, only lightly edited: 3 hours
4-Day Painting Workshop: Live footage of Sadie's workshop: Three Methods of oil Painting: 15+ hours

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