All of Sadie's Oil Painting Videos on a USB Card

Included on Card:

Introduction to Oil Painting - 1 hr 23 mins

Exercises for Mastering Value and Color - 3.5 hrs

Indirect (Layered) Method - 3 hrs

Direct Method: Common Errors in Still Life Painting - 2.5 hrs

Alla Prima Peonies - 1 hr, 40 minutes
Alla Prima Roses - 2 hrs

Advanced Still Life Painting (Venus) - 4 hrs 30 mins


(Please Note: The Oil Painting Bundle does not include videos by our guest artists.)


Total Run Time: Approx 16 hrs


Price includes shipping. Shipping within United States only.

NOTE: iPAD AND MAC USERS iPads and some Macs do not have standard USB ports, please be sure you have a computer with a USB port or the appropriate adapter before purchasing this card.

USB Card - Oil Painting Bundle


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