Painting by Sadie Valeri: Wrapped Silver Goblet

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Sadie's new portrait painting video course is now available to download and is included FREE to members of the online atelier.

Members of the Online Atelier get immediate streaming access to all of Sadie's drawing and painting lessons and videos, her entire atelier program, for an affordable monthly subscription at just $36/month.

Weekly Feedback

Once registered, members have the option to upgrade for personal feedback, offered as written critiques, for an additional $30/month.
Pandemic Update 2020: We are currently offering Weekly Feedback twice each week instead of the usual once per week for no additional fee, as our way to offer extra support during this difficult time.

Purchase Individual Lessons
Our videos are also available for individual purchase as Digital Downloads or shipped on USB card.

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Drawing Program

Sadie's drawing program offers today's artists the benefits of a 19th century French academic training program including copying Bargue plates, cast drawing, drapery drawing, and figure drawing. Students start with graphite pencil and progress to charcoal and chalk. For more details about our drawing program click here:

Painting Program

Sadie's program teaches three major historical methods for oil painting:
Alla Prima: Contemporary Impressionist
Direct: Italian Renaissance
Indirect: Dutch Golden Age
For more details about the Painting Program click here:

Organized, Flexible, Accessible

Clear, Organized Lessons
Through her experience running her atelier for a decade, Sadie has created an online classical program that students of all experience levels are able to work through on their own with crystal-clear, step-by-step lessons. Sadie's husband was trained as filmmaker, and so the video lessons are masterfully produced and edited. 


Students work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Membership can be paused and re-started with an easy click, any time after the first 2 months. Many students pause and re-start the program as their schedule allows.

Accessible to All Learning Styles
Every lesson is presented as text, video, diagrams, and finished examples to make the instructions accessible to every learning style.

Weekly Feedback

Students upload their work to our private forum on Sunday mornings and get detailed written feedback the following day, often with diagrammed overlays. Our teaching style is positive and encouraging, and criticism is in the form of specific and objective corrections designed to challenge but not overwhelm. There is no requirement to upload work every week.

PANDEMIC 2020 UPDATE: We are currently offering feedback two days a week for no additional charge.

How Long is the Program?

Students and artists of all levels see dramatic improvement within the first two months of study, due to the rigorous and precise nature of this classical program. The drawing program takes about one year to complete. The painting program takes an additional year. Students can choose to focus on drawing or painting, but most start with drawing. 

Affordable Pricing

Sadie believes access to top-quality art training should also be affordable, to everyone. At $36/month, Sadie's Online Atelier is the most affordable way to experience an authentic classical atelier education. Personal written weekly critiques are also priced affordably, just an additional $30/month, to keep you inspired and on-track. 

Bonus Videos

​​Members get free access to these additional videos not available for individual purchase:

Roses and Peonies 
Alla prima flower painting demonstration shows every brushstroke and palette mix, only lightly edited: 3 hours


4-Day Painting Workshop
Live footage of Sadie's workshop: Three Methods of oil Painting: 15+ hours

Purchase Videos

Sadie's program is also available as individual videos to download or order on USB card. Go to our Videos page to preview and purchase individual lessons.

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